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For all skin type

Nurturing your skin comes naturally with oriental herb water
spray. “Herb Water of Sky-lake” is extracted and
distilled from oriental herbal medicine which is matured in
a Korean traditional jar.
Our Herb water has natural herb components without any
chemicals. Come face to face with the benefits of nature as
this cooling, refreshing mist helps hydrate and balance your
skin while minimizing surface oil build-up.
Refreshingly aromatic helps tone, balance and replenishes
moisture. Dryness Skin can be maintained Moisture by
moisturizing action, and in case of oily or combination skin,
you can get oil & moisture level on your skin balanced
by shrinkage pores effect.
You can also spray it in your eyes and eat it.
-After washing your face, spray Sky-lake Herb Water. It will
protect your skin from chemical cosmetics by your patting
on the neck and face enough. -'Sky-lake' can make your
skin feel comfortable after shaving.
-It's gentle, so it's good for babies' skin.
-If you spray Sky-lake Herb Water on your skin, it will
protect your skin from ultraviolet rays.
-Spray Sky-lake Herb Water on your face while wearing
makeup, which keeps your skin elastic by supplying moisture.
-When you feel tired or sleepy, spray Sky-lake Herb Water,
and feel refreshing.