Company Products Technology
Manufacturing Method of Traditional Oriental Medic ine Cosmetic and it's Cosmetic (No.10-0566933) Manufacturing Method of Traditional Oriental Medic ine Beverage and it's Beverage (No.10-0728069) Beverage included Oriental Herb Fermentation Com position for Inhibition of Glowing ........

Report of Study
The Result of Study of Joint Study of Industry and Daegu University 2004.
Subject: Development of BeautyWash(Moisturizer)& FunctionalBeveragewithMedicalHerb. Anti-Oxidants, Moisturizing, Whiting, Skin Elastic, Shrinking Pores, Blood Circulation Acceleration.....

Features of Sky-Lake cosmetict
70% of lotion and 60% of cream are water. Existed cosmetic: General purify water, imported water none functional pure H2O, only aroma therapy function if there is. Sky-Lake cosmetic: Patent and extracted functional purify water from oriental herb. - Skin regrowth effect, Control Skin Diseases........